Some experiences from folks who’ve switched to from Nikon to Fuji systems, something I might be doing as well. Many of these talk about Fuji’s X-T1 which is the big brother of the X-T10 I’m interested in but also about the reasons for switching.

What’s funny is that almost all of them seem to be doing the switch after owning a Nikon D800. That’s one particularly big DSLR which might play a part in why people start looking for something smaller.

Bye bye NIKON, Hello FUJIFILM!

Bjorn Moerman’s experience switching from Nikon D800 to then Fuji family.

When was the last time Nikon or Canon came out with a brand new camera feature on a camera that has been out more than 12 months?
I sincerely believe that by 2020 there will be hardly any new classic DSLR's being sold.

From Nikon to Fuji, 20,000 pictures with the x-t1

A video from Lukas Gisbert-Mora, a wedding photographer, about the reasons why he switched to Fuji X-T1. Including limitations of the Fuji.

At a wedding, actually on the dance floor, when I compared my shots taken with a Nikon and the Fuji, I could actually see that the Fuji was performing better.
When you look in the EVF (electronic viewfinder) it tells you exactly what the exposure is like, before you take the shot. You can actually be much quicker with [the Fuji] than a DSLR ... You just keep the camera to your eye and just adjust the aperture.

Switching from the Nikon D800 to the Fuji X-T1

Mel Hattie, from the perspective of switching a full $$$$ Nikon system and actually saving money in the process.

Despite the solid construction, the Fuji X-T1 is very light. There's a noticeable size and weight difference when I'm carrying it around, and I feel comfortable pulling it out on the street without attracting a lot of attention.
There are definitely things I'll miss about the Nikon D800: Dual card slots, snappier autofocus, higher ISO tolerance, the video capabilities.

Switching to Fuji - First Impressions

Andy Mumford’s comparison of Nikon D800E and Fuji X-T10. Many side-by-side photos from both cameras

After spending some time playing around with the images from the XT10, I'm really impressed by the image quality and really don't feel as though I'm losing anything significant from the Nikon D800E in real world shooting conditions.
I think we’ve reached a point with image quality where improvements are more technical than real world for the work I do and I want small, light, cameras that feel almost invisible when shooting with them or carrying them around, and I want a camera that's fun to use and experiment with.

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