I’ve been watching a lot more Youtube lately. Maybe their algorithms have gotten better at recommending interesting videos or maybe it’s that there’s been little else to do lately.

Youtube is finding more videos in random categories I didn’t know were a thing but I find intereseting. I thought I’d share a couple of them. Of course as with anything on Youtube, these are wildly popular within their niche and might be old news. Anyway, today’s recommendation:

Daniel Duskin’s mixing videos:

Daniel is a mixing engineer (selling sound mixing services) and he demonstrates his skills on Youtube by strapping a GoPro to his head and fliming himself mixing classic songs on an analog mixing console. Like Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” above.

Daniel doesn’t try to replicate the original songs but does a quick, maybe even better, mix from individual instrument tracks (sourced where???). It’s wild to see and hear how a song comes together with each new instrument.

Another video of mixing The Doobie Brothers’ “Long Train Running” has explanations of what he’s doing although heavy with mixing lingo:

Daniel makes mixing look so easy and effortless. Of course one thing to note is that the source material on these videos is super good.

A lot of effort went into composing and recording these songs and planning how all the instruments play together even before mixing. “Long Train Running” is already groovy as hell with only the drums and guitar. You wouldn’t be able to quickly mix ten garbage tracks and make the song sing the same way.

Bonus round: Nile Rodgers Tells The Story of “Let’s Dance”

This is a quick, heartwarming story of how Nile Rodgers, one of all-time best guitarists and artists took David Bowie’s simple guitar riff and turned it into “Let’s Dance”, a massive hit in 1982. Pure magic.

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